SIP-T29G IP Phone  SIP – T27G IP Phone SIP-T27P IP Phone
       T29G205x154-00183129043  T27G252x185-09155984490  T27P205x154-00182853393
SIP-T23G IP Phone  SIP – T23P IP Phone SIP-T21P E2 IP Phone SIP-T19P E2 IP Phone
T23G205x154-00183061523 T23P205x154-00182719574 T21PE2205x154-00182737217 - Copy 201-00111274749


SIP-VP T49G Video Collaboration Phone  SIP – T48S IP Phone SIP-T48G IP Phone
 T49G252x185-17374546033  T48S252x185-17325578240  T48G252x185-11150821238
 SIP – T46S IP Phone SIP-T46G IP Phone  SIP – T42S IP Phone
 T46S252x185-17335499252  T46G252x185-11161223597  T42S252x185-17375823959
SIP-T42G IP Phone  SIP – T41S IP Phone  SIP – T41P IP Phone SIP-T40P IP Phone
T42G252x185-11163942359  T41S252x185-17390477864  T41P252x185-11170621770 T40P252x185-11173021172

SkyforbusinessYealink Skype for Business HD IP Phones are high-quality endpoints with seamless interoperability and a Skype-tailored user interface. They are designed to increase communication productivity and to simplify technology management.

Yealink Skype for Business edition phones have been certified for the new Skype for Business Online Service (as part of Office 365) , which offers Cloud PBX and PSTN conferencing

SIP – T48G SIP – T46G  SIP – T42G
 NEWST48G252x18511012374471-11430021819  NEWST46G252x18511011285907-11434244136  ST42G252x185-11012135284
 SIP – T41G  SIP – T40G
 ST41P252x185-15000988497  ST40P252x185-13585444896